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Updated: Feb 7, 2019

I’m not alone in my opinion that social media has fair dinkum stuffed the fitness industry, there is a myriad of “gurus” who like to take selfies of themselves and obsess about followers saying all kinds of things to get you to purchase 8 or 12 week packs and the like.  A lot of people pushing certain agendas leads to hugely contradicting styles and hence the person who really matters most (the consumer/athlete who is after help to improve) gets lost in a whirlwind of different theories and opinions, maybe because some dickhead with 10,000 insta followers said it, maybe because they saw that fella at the gym doing that upside down looking move, and maybe because they got sucked in to yet another bloody pyramid scheme. Its true gimmicks are everywhere, but today if you can read one thing to improve and simplify your training schedule then please read this - SIMPLE WORKS!!

We at RUNNEZ prefer to listen to the many experts who have come before us, the scientists, the physiologists, the bio mechanists and the true coaches  – Bowerman , Lydiard, Canova, Gambetta, Telford, Daniels, Hudson.

These are our gurus!!

Yes, training and performing take a little bit of experimentation, every human does respond differently to different stimuli. So, there is no one-size-fits all method. But we do have decades of data and research that has come before us to point us in the right direction.

We do have true tests in fun runs, triathlons, competitive races, individual time trials and team sport in which we can test our methodology and progress.

We can perform movement based screening to give us tangible feedback into our individual mechanics.

We can track our energy levels and our sleep patterns to monitor how we are feeling day to day.

These are great indicators as to how we are tracking moving forward.

On route to our competition or testing we must do a few things to ensure we encounter the success we deserve.

We must genuinely enjoy the journey and the process, not wishing we were 2 years down the track!

We must have an “A” and “B” goal as well as many other little goals along the way!

We must be so grateful for the opportunity!

We must work hard and intelligently!

We must also remember to recover and absorb the work!

If we genuinely do these things and believe in them, it will be an amazing journey to the type of human performance you never thought possible.

Love every minute of it legends.