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You don't have to think, ever!

All the planning, structure, thinking, times, fundamentals and motivation is set for YOU.  Plug the Runnez Redzone training videos into your ears and run! Its that simple!

Have fun while learning the science!

The knowledge, physiology and science keep you improving everyday. The fun, banter and light-heartedness keep you wanting more.  Each session is all about YOU. Trust the process.

You are part of a TEAM!

You are no longer running alone! Instantly you feel part of a team and community greater than any individual pursuit you have ever experienced. The support is unwavering.

"I am about to complete my third Marathon this year. This is something that I never ever thought would be possible for a working mum of two like me!!
Rick's unwavering support, motivation and enthusiasm makes YOU believe that anything is possible.  As well as this the planning and sessions are always perfect, and it takes the thinking away, I just start running!
The Runnez programs are easy to follow and time efficient. They fit into any busy schedule and with the nature of the sessions available online you really can do them anywhere anytime and are for any level!
You just run at your pace, especially on different days your pace will vary and that's what I loved mostly about the sessions! 
You don't have to rearrange your whole life to run or run a marathon with Rick and the amazing Runnez community support!"  

Michelle Mobbs

R U N N E Z    R E D Z O N E

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to help you achieve your running and fitness goals! 

We make you a better runner, results guaranteed! 

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