Established in 2007, Runnez is the first of its kind in the world.

We mix science and fun to ensure you are always improving.

HQ Location: 10B 93 Wells Road,
Chelsea Heights VIC 3196

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Let Rick take care of the science, structure, coaching and motivation… All you have to do is tune in

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"I have been with Rick and the runnez system since 2007 and it has significantly impacted my life for the better in that time, It is the only way to start to the day"  

Hey Rick! I just wanted to say that your online Runnez sessions are honestly the greatest!!! I just love them! I have been doing them consistently for over 8 weeks now and today I got a sub 20 5km PB and 42:38 10km PB! Can't wait to pop in for a sessions!

"Rick changed my life - I never thought I could ever run for 20 minutes let alone complete a marathon, with Rick's knowledge, energy, experience  humour,  training systems and belief, I  can now say I have run a marathon and am looking forward to many, many more, I am a fitter, healthier more vibrant mother, wife, friend and boss. Thank you so very much Runnez"