Process First for Best Results from your Running Coach.

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2021

Process first for best results.

 We are living in a world of instant gratification, this is not the first piece to mention that and it wont be the last. We are being programmed to want more and want it now, by our phones via social network and similar apps, from commercial television and even with the ease of which this email has landed in front of your eyes. We do live in a world of comfort which is great, and we are all forever grateful.  

But in many things, be it in a professional, academic or athletic performance pursuit we need to move away from this notion of "Instant Gratification"

We need long-term goals and short term goals, yes. But more importantly we need to learn to program our brains to focus on enjoying each day and each training session and not to rush it. 

We mustn't allow our mood or consistency to be driven by how we perform in training or how we feel from a fitness point of view, we can not react to a bad training session or race.

We just have to be process driven!!!

Process over Outcome- The Results will Follow. 

I am passionate about this for so many reasons. 

If you are after results in any field, you need to move away from worrying about the outcome be it positive or negative. 

I will stick to running and training examples for the sake of this blog. 

We often talk about motivation and how we can never rely on it for success, motivation will get you excited to commence a training plan and it may help during the odd race or session, but for all the work in between it is futile. 

This is when we must be hardwired and worry only about the next 24 hours on the schedule, once training, recovery and other important aspects of your daily life become hard wired you will start to see improvements in not only your performance, but general wellbeing and daily productivity. 

Once you are able to do this for a decade with relative continuity then WOWEE, watch the results come flowing in. 

If you can practice not becoming too emotional either way about a session or race, you will be teaching yourself to just live in the present. If you had a training session that felt awful, move on, recover well and worry only about the next session. 

By the same token if you had a session that felt out of this world good, be proud, be happy with your progress, but don't drink your own bath water and become complacent, then you allow your self to maybe miss a few of the 1%ers. 

And don't rush the pace, if you are currently running say 41 minutes for 10km, don't throw the toys out of the cot if your are not running 38 minutes in 6 months.

It is your patience and your ability to work when there is no sign of glory or crowd applause that will define you. As well as this you have to relax a little and be kind to yourself, by doing all this then enjoying and loving process will become so much easier, hence creating hardwired healthy habits which will lead you to success!

Always come back to the process. 

Move with Gratitude Legends 



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