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RUNNEZ is your running coach! We build your running body, take away the thinking, achieve your dreams.

No matter if you are a beginner, training for a PB or just want to improve your fitness and wellbeing, Runnez takes away the thinking, anxiety and pressure & delivers fun, interval running sessions that you can put in your ears anywhere, anytime and create structure & healthy habits in your life.

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Runnez Mojo 

Mojo is a slice of Redzone - great if you are time poor or lost your mojo 

$49 per month (no lock ins ever)




Runnez Redzone

Redzone - The full experience! It's your 'real time' entire running package with huge motivation, structure, science, planning, community, personalised programs & fun

$99 per month (no lock ins ever)


Corporate Crossroads

The program and platform all high performers are seeking. Invest in YOU and build the habits that will enable you to be the best possible version of yourself. 

If you are looking to attain life time best fitness, productivity and vibrancy whilst improving your relationships both personal and business, this is the program for you!

168 hours in a week, don't waste a minute. 

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Download a copy of Ricks Running 'Tips + Tricks'. The little extras that will help you run at your very best.

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Rick chats to the worlds leading runners, coaches & experts as well as hugely inspiring everyday runners.  

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Runnez Redzone will get you running at your very best with world class coaching delivered in high class video or audio.  Further complimented by Strength & Conditioning, Tabata, Athletic Development, Yoga for runners & Meditation all via one quality and easy to use online platform.

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Your Runnez Team


Rick Mirabella

Head Coach with a passion for people, performance and being better each day.

Shell Mirabella

Head of Operations and backend of the business.  Keeps Rick on track.

Melissa White

Marketing & Social Media guru.  Customer Relations.  Runnez member for over a decade.

Mafel Cervantes

Online & Technical support.        Our virtual pillar and admin superstar.

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