Established in 2007, Runnez is the first of its kind in the world.

We mix science and fun to ensure you are always improving.

HQ Location: 10B 93 Wells Road,
Chelsea Heights VIC 3196

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Let Rick take care of the science, structure, coaching and motivation… All you have to do is tune in

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Runnez Online is your online fitness training platform, support & community for the whole family!

What you'll get:

  • Individual login to our online Runnez platform


Each week you receive:

  • 1x new Runnez Session (pre recorded) 

  • 1x new Strength Session (pre recorded)

  • 1x Live Strength Video (from Rick & other coaches)

  • 1x new Kids Training Session (6yrs to 12yrs)

  • 1x new Youth Training Session (12yrs to 16yrs)

  • 1x new Yoga session 



  • You will also receive, access to the private 'RUNNEZ ONLINE FITNESS' Facebook page. Here is where you can connect and share with the Runnez community.

  • Rick will also facilitate 1x LIVE 45min Zoom chat / support group each week for some community banter or if you any questions / worries in general (we will add more sessions if wanted!) 

An opportunity for you to train with us remotely, connect, share and be a part of the Runnez Community.

Note: you may cancel at anytime.