The 1%ers for improved performance

How do I fit in the 1%ers?

In almost every sport or anything in life worth pursuing, you will hear the term, you must do the 1% "ers"!

Or maybe "Johnny does the 1% "ers" that's why he is so good'  

What exactly are the 1% "ers" ?   

And how do they fit in within the sport of running?   

Quite simply to complete all the 1%ers just means to do all the extras that will enable you to be the very best you can be.   

I know that a lot of our Runnez family runners all over the world are time poor already and the thought of adding anything else to a busy schedule is overwhelming at best and no chance of being done at worst.

So see below my tips for fitting them in.   

Ok, the meat and potatoes of a training plan will always be the major training stressors and principles.   

These are your - Hard workouts (Runnez sessions on your phone), or fartleks, aerobic power etc  - Your volume and longer running  - Easy recovery running  -Strength training.    


Depending on your available time, desire and running level these could take up any where from 3 hours a week of training to as much as 20-25 hours a week for a professional runner who does not have to hold down a job.   


So here is where the 1% "ers" normally drop away for a lot of us who have other priorities.  Firstly, what are these 1% "ers" you speak of in such regard?  I hear you asking! The little things that make us better. 


Mobility, Mindfulness/Meditation, Sleep, Massage, Other recovery methods, water immersion etc Nutrition . . .    

You may look at these things and instantly either put them in the too hard basket, or decide the benefit does not outweigh the time spent looking into them. I promise you on both accounts you are wrong, and believe me, I have been guilty many times of neglecting all of the above as an athlete. Now as a coach I will never let that happen to you.   

How do we fit them in?   


Mobility - is crucial but certainty does not have to be time intensive, 3-5 min of foam rolling or ankle, hip and back mobility stretching, 4 times a week. we can all find that, and believe me it will parlay to less niggly injuries and smoother running for you.   


Mindfulness and Meditation - is so important to every human being that walks the earth, looking after our emotional well being is paramount. But again does not have to take up a lot of time, 5 min a day, first thing in the morning or before bed, or during your 5 min of stretching and mobility work. Watch your performance and life in general improve out of sight.   


Sleep- Prioritising sleep in your week is of the utmost importance - shutting down devices and winding down properly before you go to bed in the evening and getting quality deep sleep is so bloody crucial to overall wellbeing - there are many experts in this area that I strongly encourage you to seek out if sleep hygiene has an been an issue for you. 


Massage - Does not have to be as frequent, can we find time for a sports massage once a month? if we can I would recommend keeping a reoccurring appointment , If not, add some more minutes a week on the foam roller or other massage devices.   


Other Recovery Methods -  Does not have to be done after every jog but on the days you have some extra time or may have really gone to the well, some water immersion can be great and depending what you have available to you eg recovery pants and the like can be very handy.     


Nutrition - I don't want to go down this rabbit hole because it will be a whole other blog, but looking at where you are getting your calories from and when, can drastically help energy levels, recovery and performance in general.  A lot of runners do not eat enough, so if you want to be sure seek out a sports dietician in your local area. But it is part of the whole training scheme so had to be included.   


All of these you have likely read about and heard about before, but today I really hope you have seen that they are quite attainable and can be included into any busy life. Notice I talk in "minutes" That's all it takes.  If you can take care of your emotional well being, sleep and mobility, while assessing if and where your nutrition can improve, while once a month or so getting a massage and having a water walk.  You will be on your way to becoming a far better runner.   

Move with Gratitude Legends


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