What they say about Runnez


"I am about to complete my third Marathon this year in October. This is something that I never ever thought would be possible for a working mum of two like me!! Rick's unwavering support, motivation and enthusiasm makes YOU believe that anything is possible.

As well as this the planning and sessions are always perfect. 
The Runnez programs are easy to follow and time efficient. They fit into any busy schedule and with the nature of the sessions available online you really can do them anywhere anytime. I recently travelled to the USA on a family holiday. I was able to keep up my training by following  Rick's virtual training sessions, I returned to run my quickest marathon yet. You do not have to rearrange your whole life ro run a marathon with Rick and Runnez' support." 



"The best part about the Rick and the  Runnez program is that you can do it in a friendly, supportive group environment at your own pace. It doesn’t matter whether you are chasing a PB, trying for your first marathon or just starting from scratch, you can fit your sessions in when it suits you within a virtual team atmosphere.

Through Rick  I have access to a structured training program, have been introduced to strength and conditioning sessions and receive any other help or guidance that I need to obtain maximum benefit and enjoyment out of my running. My general health has improved, it has been great fun being part of the Runnez team and has enabled me to successfully complete 7 marathons all after the age of 60"   



"Once I met Rick and started running with Runnez  within a few sessions I was hooked, it took time and patience from Rick  to re programme my body and running style with evolving advice and no small amount of positive reinforcement, it has paid massive dividends for me as I am back running the best I ever have again in my mid-forties.  I utilise  the S + C sessions to keep my body strong and robust."  

~Brian ~


"For the last 4 years I’ve completed the Melbourne marathon, the first I was naive and thought I would do it easy and didn’t respect the discipline of the full marathon. Only new in my running journey I enlisted the help of a running coach, Rick Mirabella. The next 3 marathons under Ricks guidance I progressed to run times I only dreamt off, every week Rick touched base with how my long runs were travelling, always giving me a pep talk or shoulder to lean on when tired and fatigued. Incorporating the RUNNEZ program into my training regularly was where I got the biggest advancement in my running. rick's knowledge, experience and empathy is second to none." 



"I first started training with Rick and the  Runnez system  4 years ago. I moved from Queensland, did not know a soul and Rick welcomed me with open arms. He was literally a ray of sunshine in my life. Bless ya mate. 

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over 30 years and have honestly NEVER come across a human like Rick, or a ‘ virtual coaching space’ like Runnez. I know the difficulty, the anxiety, and all the emotions it takes for some people to start a training program, feel better about themselves, gain confidence, complete a marathon whatever the drive is -  it takes an  enormous amount of courage to begin. If that person is you..you will never feel like that  working with Rick and Shell . you will know you’re in the right place  & about to embark on an incredible journey.

Rick has helped me gain confidence in my running ability, in myself in general actually. He is the voice in your head telling you you can, when you think you cannot. He arms you with tools to achieve all you are willing to work for. In the last 2 years alone, this incredible human has seen me run marathons, half marathons, trail runs from hell and pushed me to increase my strength beyond what I thought possible. He will help you mentally, physically, spiritually, he is a friend, a coach and that inspirational voice in your head who believes in you when you don’t.

If you think you can’t, you’re wrong! If you think you can’t....you need to reach out to Rick and  I promise you it will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourselves. He is world class. Thanks so much Rick and Shell, for all you do for everyone"


"Every week just having Rick to debrief with on the week gone and the week ahead makes a massive difference in the success of all of my Marathon preparations. Individual planning has always been spot on but the weekly catch ups are the key for me. Rick's endurance knowledge is world class and then his "coaching art" the intangibles are next level gain.  
He keeps us all ticking every training session whether he is in front of us on our phone or behind  text message or email asking about how I went on the day of my long run. On top of the physical rewards that Rick & team are a massive part of creating, it is the spiritual and emotional connections that makes Runnez stand out amongst its peers.
Rick has an intimate connection with every single person within the Runnez Family.  He is so empathetic and communicates in such a unique way.
As such, he knows the most important 5-6 things going on in each of our lives, and every time he sees us there are discussions about 1,2 or all of those things.
The best in the world you won't be disappointed"