Beginner Runner - Where to start?

Ricks Tips - starting your running journey

Righto, you are back on the running bandwagon. Chances are you may have done some form of running at some stage during your life, it may have been in primary school LOL, but it still happened!

In all seriousness, this will be the greatest single thing you can do for self, your family and those closest to you. See below my tips to follow to ensure you will be a lifelong runner and this latest comeback or your introduction to the simple art of putting one foot in front of the other will be one that brings you more benefits than you ever could of envisaged.

  1. Be Patient, do not force it. It is a common occurrence to become addicted to the positive neurotransmitters that are released during and post your run, along with this it can be very satisfying to find yourself improving rapidly.  But avoid making a common mistake and turning every run into a race or time trial. Forcing yourself to always "beat yesterday" and "grinding" through each and every run is a sure-fire way to wind up either injured, sick, unmotivated and of course plateauing. Most likely you will end up a combination of all these. The best athletes are patient and listen to their bodies. Recover well and let your body regenerate between runs.
  2. Run @ different paces. Following on from number 1, running at different paces is a fantastic way to build your fitness and teaches your body to run at different speeds.  For example, on a hard quality RUNNEZ (interval) session, you will be breathless and uncomfortable. You may be a min per km quicker than your longer slower weekend run where you can talk your way through. Then you may incorporate ‘strides” into your week which are great from a neuromuscular coordination level. These should not induce too much fatigue as they are only over short distances but are done quick. You will also do recovery jogs, tempo runs, and many other paces throughout a program or your average week. Running at different paces often, is the key.
  3. Don’t compare to others - A very important one, you are on your own journey and this goes for everything in life. Everyone has different training age’s (the years they have trained consistently for) If you are patient and intelligent you will be running along one day look at your watch and will be blown away with your own progress. Do not worry about other runner’s times or results. Be kind to yourself.
  4. Strength Train - I have put out heaps of content on this subject over the years   and you too will hear me say plenty about it in my weekly tips. All I will say here is it is a must for robust, injury proof runners as well as being essential for running economy. It does not have to be time intensive or complicated. 2x 20-30 min strength and conditioning sessions a week are plenty.
  5. Find a coach - To ensure all of the above is put in place individually and accurately for you, as well as many other things. Correct programming, advice around all things from distance, and rehab to nutrition, feedback, empathy, motivation, education, inspiration. A coach is a critical part of your running toolbox.

Please do something today that will make you better tomorrow, play the long game. 

Move with Gratitude Legends 

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