To Get Fast, Sometimes You Need Run Slow.

The slow days are important too


Our beautiful worldwide community of runners and fitness enthusiasts in the RUNNEZ Redzone and Runnez Coaching App  inspire us everyday with their stories of learning to run, running PBs, running marathons, losing weight or simply just feeling and moving better each day. 

All of these are beautiful outcomes, but there are also some very valuable lessons learnt along the way on the days that may not seem so positive at first.  As we always say, we must LOVE the PROCESS, and that means gratitude and intelligence around the days where we don't feel AMAZING, or SUPER FAST.  On the day's we are feeling fatigued, tired, sluggish, bloated  and slow, do not force it.   These days are just as important as the days you feel great and they are the days that will compound and add to months and years of consistency, leading to the results you may have been lacking.   Unless you are unwell, in that case take the...

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Beginner Runner - Where to start?

Ricks Tips - starting your running journey

Righto, you are back on the running bandwagon. Chances are you may have done some form of running at some stage during your life, it may have been in primary school LOL, but it still happened!

In all seriousness, this will be the greatest single thing you can do for self, your family and those closest to you. See below my tips to follow to ensure you will be a lifelong runner and this latest comeback or your introduction to the simple art of putting one foot in front of the other will be one that brings you more benefits than you ever could of envisaged.

  1. Be Patient, do not force it. It is a common occurrence to become addicted to the positive neurotransmitters that are released during and post your run, along with this it can be very satisfying to find yourself improving rapidly.  But avoid making a common mistake and turning every run into a race or time trial. Forcing yourself to always "beat yesterday" and "grinding" through each...
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