How To Improve Your Running Pace

How do I improve my pace?

This is a common question !!!!

The below statement is an example I just made up but could be anyone of a Billon people right now. 

"I have been running consistently for 12 months now, the first 4-5 months of training with some intensity and purpose I made drastic improvements.

The last 5-6 months I cant seem to get my pace down at all!!

Every run feels hard!

And I just cant see how my pace will ever come down, help !!"

Is the above YOU at the moment!? 

We have all been there and it usually comes on after 12 months of running consistently. 

I am here to tell you that it is normal, and you can work through it. Here is how to keep running and keep progressing your paces even after years of running.  

Firstly, my biggest tip will always be do not be a slave to the watch, pace and times in training. Run on feel on most occasions, even in hard Runnez workouts run on feel. 

Long runs- unless in a specific phase run on feel and slow down.

You can look every now then in workouts when you are feeling good. 

Run easy often, recovery jogging on easy days is crucial, or if you only run 2-3 times a week recovery cross-training days eg bike or swimming but at a much lower intensity than the running workouts, let the immune system and muscular tissue recover from the hard workout or long run while still moving.  If it isn't a workout or race, don't be trying to run hard every day or every run. you are doing your self and your future running performance a disservice. 

Specific hard work-  When ready and not fatigued then you may start including an aerobic power workout or a mini time trial where you try to hit your desired pace in planned workouts every so often. Really dial in and "feel" that pace almost meditate at that pace, make it feel natural. When you can go to sleep' at that pace you know you will be able to hold it in longer races. 

Run at different paces often and taper it  down a little before you attempt a time trial or race. 

Often when you are stuck at any given pace block you fall into the  bad habit of leaving your house and "falling into the same pace" every time. This is not conducive to improving, so as mentioned above and in past blogs, run at different paces throughout the month. Your Runnez session or interval sessions may be your fastest work of the week, add maybe some work at a threshold or half marathon  type pace, then easy recovery jogging as well. 

This how you get very fit! 

As well as this, if you REALLY want to see the shape you are in put all of the above tips into practice. Then give yourself some easy days of jogging or walking, lots of mobility and as much sleep as possible. Try to get your nutrition on point in the days leading up, then complete your normal warmup, before you really attack a Time Trial, then you will see the improvement you are seeking. 

*Side note - time improvements are great but never let chasing times take away from the pure joy of running and loving journey and process, 

Running truly is a beautiful privilege.  

Move with Gratitude Legends 


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