Exercise and Mental Health



We have all been there, 4.55am alarm blaring from your iPhone on your left-hand bed side table.


It seems at that moment, thousands of thoughts can spring into your mind in a few seconds (think a 1970s cartoon devil and angel on either shoulder moment) “GET UP, you will never regret a workout, and you will  feel so, so good all day” or “Oh I’m so tired… I could stay in bed an hour longer, I’ll just go tonight”


99% of you reading this would relate to the above, here’s my tip JUST GET UP! It’s ALWAYS worth it.


Once up, everything is OK, no one said you had to attempt an Olympic record off of 5 hours sleep, or smash out 10 x 400's in 68 seconds, but one thing is for sure consistency beats intensity every day of the week! You’re much better getting your consistent training in, then “going to the well” on the days where you feel capable or it is really...

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