5 tips for running your first Marathon



Often a bucket list event for many, the beautiful distance of 42.195km is like the Everest for millions of runners worldwide, it has a certain mystique about it and has done for many years, possibly since the likes of Frank Shorter and later our own Rob DeCastella brought marathoning into the mainstream media and into our lounge rooms via the 72 Olympics and 83 world champs respectively. If one was to google how to run a marathon they would probably be bombarded with hundreds of cookie cutter programs, quite overwhelming for a runner stepping up to the distance for the first time. The marathon is an event that is to be respected but if the work has been done the day itself could be one of the most satisfying and memorable of your life. In the following article I have outlined my 5 most important tips to finishing (well) your first marathon.


Note these are not “running a PB marathon” tips they are for another day,...

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