Improve Your Running Form

Running Form Prompts

G'day there,   

Running technique is an oft discussed topic, and I do discuss it a lot in my coaching videos. 

If you are looking to improve your running form, than I do believe I can help YOU.  

The biggest tip I can give you in regards to running form is to relax at all times.  The last thing I want you to do is read the below and overthink the process.  Overthinking is never good for anything!  

In saying that, take on the tips below if you are interested and maybe work on improving some of these fundamentals.

Even just working on one of these every few weeks will help.   

  1. Don't overthink it - As mentioned, we want to aim to limit anxiety, don't waste your energy, it will destroy your performance. Use running as a form of meditation.  
  2. Relax physically - Relax and soften shoulders, neck, arms and hands, again no unnecessary energy expenditure, elbows at around an 80-100 degree...
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